Hydrogen peroxide stabilized 8% - 5L...

    Hydrogen peroxide stabilized 8% - 5L tank

    Disinfecting product for hydrogen peroxide disinfection by using atomizers, sprayers (foggers) and aerosolizers

      Stabilized Hydrogen peroxide <8 % GEA OXY MIST for hydrogen peroxide disinfection of environmental surfaces and air. It kills the microbial load up to 99,9999% (Log6) – 5L tank.
      • Eliminates bacteria, molds, fungi, yeasts, viruses up to 99.9999%. 
      • Biocidal product
      • Aqueous solution that can be used with Hydrogen Peroxide atomizer, hydrogen peroxide fogging machine, aerosolized hydrogen peroxide machine, hydrogen peroxide sprayers
      • Complies with Biocidal Products Regulation ((EU) No 528/2012 (BPR))
      • It must be used with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
      • Chemical Formula: H₂O₂
      • Molecular weight: 34.016 g/mol
      • Boiling point: 102 °C 
      • Freezing point: -5 °C
      • Storage temperature: 35 °C Max
      • pH: 3 - 5
      • Color: clear and colorless liquid
      • CAS Number: 7722-84-1
      • 5L Tank

            Attention: biocidal substance. Before using it, read carefully the label on the product and all the information provided by the manufacturer.

            GEA OXY MIST Hydrogen peroxide stabilized < 8% is used for the disinfection and decontamination of:

            • Air
            • Water
            • Surfaces

            Hard surface disinfection: Spread the H₂O₂  disinfectant evenly on the surfaces and objects to be treated using a cloth, sponge, rag or mop. Leave for 5-10 minutes, dry with a paper towel (to avoid contamination) or allow to dry.

            Airborne disinfection of environments (air and surfaces): The airborne hydrogen peroxide can be applied through professional Hydrogen Peroxide atomizers, hydrogen peroxide fogging machines, hydrogen peroxid aerosolizers, hydrogen peroxide sprayers. 

            Even at low concentrations, hydrogen peroxide must be handled by experienced personnel who are aware of the hazardous nature of the substance.

            It is always necessary to wear protective clothing for chemical substances (with CE mark and four-digit control code) and PPE for eyes/face, skin, hand and respiratory protection.

            Hydrogen Peroxide is a powerful oxidizer. The biocidal action takes place thanks to the hydroxyl free radicals (OH-) formed by the decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide stabilized .

            In contact with microorganisms found on surfaces and in the air, the molecule generates oxidation processes that affect lipid membranes, proteins, DNA and RNA causing their destruction.

            The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide stabilized liberates oxygen and water.

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