Hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer for...
Hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer for...
Hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer for...
Hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer for...
hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer
hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer
hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer
hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer

Hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer for hydrogen peroxide disinfection - Smart 1000

Hydrogen peroxide machine for disinfection of environments up to 1.500 m³

Hydrogen Peroxide aerosolizer Smart 1000 ensure s a deep disinfection ( up to 99,9999% - Log6) of air and surfaces. Certified and tested hydrogen peroxide atomizer, for environment up to 1,500 m³.

Hydrogen Peroxide aerosolizer for professional use only.

  • Air and surface disinfection system
  • Environments with volume up to 1,500 m³
  • It allows to reach the disinfection level up to Log6 (99.9999%).
  • Very low consumption of the hydrogen peroxide
  • Nanometric atomisation (<1µm)
  • Adjustable flow rate (ml/h)
  • Remote control via APP for Android devices (smartphone or tablet)
  • To operate the hydrogen peroxide aerosol machine must be connected to Internet
  • Easily moveable aerosolizer
  • Certified and CE marked
GEA-API -ATM-1095-SM1000
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  • Voltage: 220-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
  • Electric Power: 1160 W
  • Maximum current: 15 A
  • Rated current: 7 A
  • Dimension (mm): 357 x 598 x 307 mm (Length x Height x Width)
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Control system: Android
  • Tank volume: External self-feeding
  • Liquid supply: external, no tank
  • Flow rate (Flow): 0 - 4000 ml/h 
  • Type of delivery: Aerosolization
  • Maximum disinfection level: Log6 (99.9999%)
  • Particle size: <1µm
  • Compatible liquids: hydrogen peroxide
  • Plasma Activator
  • Maximum room volume: 1,500 m3  (400 m3 Log6 mode)
  • Automatic external liquid supply
  • Maximum duration of a single operation: 24 h
  • Operation mode: manual

How to use the aerosolizer for hydrogen peroxide Smart 1000

The Smart 1000 aerosolizer is used to perform hydrogen peroxide disinfection for eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, molds, pollen and yeasts in the air and on the surfaces of environments with a maximum volume of 1.500 m3.
It is a remotely controllable disinfection machine that works by atomising nanometric particles of hydrogen peroxide stabilized.

  • 99.99% disinfection level for environments up to 1,500 m3
  • Log6 sterilization level (99.9999%) through H2O2 disinfectant, for environments up to 400 m3

The operating parameters of the atomizer (working time and flow rate) of the Smart 1000 can be set via APP from an Android device via Wi-Fi connection.

If there is no internet connection, this aerosolizer can be operated manually.

The hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer Smart 1000 is suitable for treatments in rooms with a maximum volume of 1500 m3.

Some examples of structures/locations that can be decontaminated by using the hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer Smart 1000:

  • Companies
  • Manufacturing industries
  • School Facilities
  • Healthcare facilities (Hospitals, etc. ...)
  • Doctor's offices
  • Hotels
  • Condominiums
  • Shopping Centres
  • Veterinary clinic
  • Gyms and sport centres

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