Professional ozone generator for...

    Professional ozone generator for ozone disinfection - Terminator 2R

    Professional ozone disinfection for environments up to 245 m³

    Professional ozone generator with Molecular Sieve filter which avoids the production of carcinogenic ultraviolet radiation and toxic substances (Nox). Ozone disinfection for environments of volume of 245 m3.

    Generator for ozone disinfection of air and water, for personal and professional use.

    • It eliminates up to 99,99% of viruses and bacteria
    • Double fan 195 m3 = 370 m3
    • Designed and manufactured in Italy in compliance with CE standards.
    • Certified by the Ministry of Health with protocol no.24482, dated 31/07/1996.
    • Suitcase structure, practice for the transport and movement of the ozone machine
    • Equipped with ceramic diffuser nozzle, to treat the most difficult to reach areas
    • Equipped with an ozone resistant pipeline, for delocalized or water injection
    • Digital programming

    Two operating modes:

    • Single operation, to deeply disinfect the environment (the environment must be treated in the absence of people and animals)
    • Cyclical operation, continuous operation of the ozone machine in order to eliminate unpleasant odor and disinfect the environment (the environment can also be treated in the presence of people and animals).
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    • Horizontal development structure in galvanized steel PVC coated
    • Dimensions (mm): Width 235 x Length 315 x Height 285
    • Weight: 6,5 Kg 
    • Briefcase structure equipped with handle and rubber feet for an easier transportation
    • Control panel with digital programmer, switch, indicator light
    • Remote control on and off
    • 2 fans of 195 m3 (for a total of 390 m3)
    • Total power: 110 Watt
    • Operating voltage: 230Vac
    • Ozone resistant piping for delocalized or water injection
    • Ceramic diffuser nozzle
    • Ozone resistant anti-return valve
    • Molecular sieve filter to prevent the formation of NOx, nitrogen dioxide NO2 and Nitric Acid HNO3, the main causes of serious damage to electrical and electronic circuits and all technological systems.
    • For rooms with a maximum volume of 245 m3

    Accessories included with professional ozone generator Terminator 2R:

    • 1 remote control
    • 1 tubing with non-return valve and diffuser nozzle, ozone-resistant

    This professional ozone generator Terminator 2R is used to increase safety and protect human and animal health.

    It is used for ozone air treatment for deodorizing and disinfecting indoor environments, with the aim of decontaminating objects and surfaces. The ozone surface treatment removes the microbial load, specifically: germs, viruses, bacterial charges, fungi, molds, spores and infesting pests such as woodworms and moths.

    It is used in water with the aim of obtaining a disinfectant recognized at sanitary level (sanitizing water) to be used to wash and disinfect floors, surfaces and food or to obtain bacteriologically free water (ultrapure water).

    • Maximum disinfecting air volume: 245 m3.
    • Maximum ultrapure water volume: 1500 litres.
    • Maximum sanitizing water volume: 150 litres.

    For a deep disinfection it is recommended to proceed room by room.

      The professional ozone generator Terminator 2R can disinfect air and surfaces of indoor environments with a maximum volume of 245 m3. It can also be used to disinfect water.

      • A room measuring 5m x 5m with a height of 3 m (75 m3) is disinfected in about 20 minutes.
      • A room with a volume of 245 m3  will be disinfected in about 60 minutes.
      • A room of 123 m3 is disinfected in about 30 minutes.
      • An environment infested with pests such as moths, mites or woodworms is disinfected in 48 hours.

        In one hour, this professional ozone generator can disinfect environment with e maximum volume of 245 m3, if the operating time is extended, the maximum disinfecting volume is not increased.

          To effectively disinfect environments with larger volumes, we recommend the use of an ozonizer with a larger capacity (for open spaces) or to perform room-by-room disinfection (each room must have a maximum volume of 245 m3).

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