Hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer for...
Hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer for...
Hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer for...
Hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer for...
hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer
hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer
hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer
hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer

Hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer

Smart 1000

Hydrogen peroxide machine for VHP disinfection of environments up to 1.500 m³, decontaminated rooms up to 99.9999%.

Hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer SMART 1000 to perform no touch disinfection of environments. Fast and residue-free solution, for professional use.

Maximum working area: 1.500 m³ (Log3 mode)

                                       500 m³ (Log6 mode)

Some features of the SMART 1000 aerosolizer:

  • 360° disinfection - with a single treatment, surfaces, air and objects inside the room are disinfected
  • Fast and residue-free
  • Allows you to reach disinfection level Log6 (99.9999%).
  • Safer operations – it works with hydrogen peroxide <8%
  • Ionized hydrogen peroxide technology
  • Corrosion-free disinfection
  • Low liquid consumption - in Log6 mode it consumes 9.8 ml / m³
  • No H₂O₂ disinfectant waste
  • Nanometric atomization (<1µm)
  • Adjustable flow (ml/h)
  • Easy operation - A professional disinfection cycle needs just one click 
  • Automatic calculation of operating settings thanks to AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Aerosolizer remotely controllable via APP for Android /IOS devices
  • Real-time monitoring of the working status
  • Easily movable from one room to another 
  • The hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer automatically generates a disinfection report
  • It can also be configured in "Rental" mode
  • Certified and CE marked hydrogen peroxide aerosol machine
GEA-API -ATM-1095-SMT1000
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  • Product: Hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer (or hydrogen peroxide atomizer)
  • Voltage: 220 - 230 V 50 - 60 Hz
  • Power: 1160 W
  • Dimensions (mm): 360 x 600 x 310 mm (Length x Height x Width)
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Working temperature: 8 - 50 °C
  • Liquid supply: auto feeding, no tank
  • Type of delivery: Atomization
  • Maximum disinfection level: Log6 (99.9999%)
  • Disinfection (90%): 80 ppm*10 min
  •                  (99.99%): 185 ppm*10 min
  • Particle size: 0.0004 - 1 µm (micron)
  • Disinfectant flow rate (Flow): 0 - 4000 ml/h 
  • Spray speed: 80 m/s
  • Compatible disinfectant liquid: hydrogen peroxide (7%-35%)
  • Air disinfecting capacity: 170 m³/h
  • Maximum working area in Log6 mode: 500 m³ 
  • Maximum working area in Log3 mode: 1.500 m³ 
  • Single operation time: 20 h

Device control:

  • FFD DISINFECTION APP compatible with Android /IOS operating systems
  • Manual

The hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer SMART 1000 is used to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, mold, pollen and yeasts found in the air and on the surfaces of an environment. This is made possible by the combined action of two technologies:

1) The mechanics of the aerosolizer:

With the aerosolizer SMART 1000, hydrogen peroxide is atomized thanks to a unique and proprietary system that combines a mix of pressure, air speed, temperature and expanding surface area, capable of atomizing the liquid at the nanometer level and distributing it evenly in the air and on the surfaces to be treated thanks to the spray speed of 80 m/s.

2) Ionized hydrogen peroxide:

The synergy between hydrogen peroxide and the atmospheric cold plasma arc causes the hydrogen peroxide vapor to act directly on the unsaturated fatty acids of bacterial cell membranes. This triggers a lipid oxidation reaction that leads to the destruction of the cell membrane, killing bacteria and fungi. In addition, reactive oxygen free radicals and negative ions also cause oxidative damage to RNA and DNA, preventing possible antibiotic resistance. The damaged DNA undergoes breaks, mutations, changes in thermal stability, negatively affecting the genetic composition and thus causing the destruction of the pathogen.

How to use the Hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer Smart 1000

With just one aerosolizer SMART 1000 it is possible to:

  • Achieve a disinfection level of 99.9% (Log3) for environments with a maximum volume of 1,500 m³
  • Achieve professional disinfection level Log 6 (99.9999%) for environments of up to 500 m³

However, it is possible to configure two or more SMART 1000 aerosolizers as a group, in this way it will be possible to simultaneously control more devices and treat environments with larger volumes.

the hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer SMART 1000 is a remotely controllable Log 6 disinfection machine (IOT control & monitor) that allows you to perform a professional intervention in a very simple way: thanks to artificial intelligence, you just need to enter the volume of the area to be treated and the level you want to achieve to have the machine's operating parameters (working time and flow) automatically configured by the Cloud.

Finally, once the disinfection process is finished, the system automatically generates the report with all the details of the intervention. 

In order to take advantage of all its potentialities, the hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer (or hydrogen peroxide atomizer) SMART 1000 must be connected to the Internet. In case of absence of connection, it is possible to manually operate the machine.

Where to use the aerosolizer SMART 1000

The hydrogen peroxide aerosolizer Smart 1000 is a professional machine suitable for environments such as: 

  • Healthcare facilities (Hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices, RSAs, ...) 
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Laboratories
  • Ambulances 
  • Hotels, Bed & Breakfast
  • Educational facilities
  • Manufacturing industries (GEA BIO OXY hydrogen peroxide is also suitable for the disinfection of surfaces in contact with food)
  • Companies

and, in general, it is indicated for all workplaces where a high level of disinfection is required (up to Log6 - 99.9999%) and you do not want to risk damaging the environment or corrode/ruin the most delicate materials.

The ultra-fine atomization produced by SMART 1000 aerosolizer (less than 1 µm) is delivered in the form of a dry hydrogen peroxide mist, therefore it does not generate humidity and does not disperse droplets in the environment, so objects and surfaces remain dry. Moreover, thanks to the combined use with GEA BIO OXY, the hydrogen peroxide <8% without additives, which has a concentration with a high disinfecting power and at the same time presents much lower risks for corrosion of delicate materials and electronic equipment, the disinfection of the environment is guaranteed, eliminating the risks of damaging the materials inside it.

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