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Hydrogen peroxide sprayer
Hydrogen peroxide sprayer
Hydrogen peroxide sprayer
Hydrogen peroxide sprayer
hydrogen peroxide sprayer
hydrogen peroxide sprayer
hydrogen peroxide sprayer
hydrogen peroxide sprayer

Hydrogen peroxide sprayer

GEA Sprayer - Air and surface disinfection with hydrogen peroxide or hypochlorous acid sprayer

Hydrogen peroxide sprayer GEA is equipped with directionable nozzle that achieve a spray distance up to 10 m. Certified and tested machine for air and surface disinfection of environments with Hydrogen peroxide or hypochlorous acid.

Some features of GEA Sprayer:

  • Air and surface disinfection machine
  • Spray system
  • Small dimensions
  • Portable disinfectant fogger machine, easy to move thanks to the belt
  • Can be carried by hand or shoulder
  • Easy to use
  • Directionable nozzle
  • The jet reaches up to 10 m
  • Hypochlorous acid or Hydrogen peroxide sprayer certified, and CE marked
GEA-API -VAP-1142-GS0001
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Hydrogen peroxide or hypochlorous acid machine:

  • Electrical voltage: 220 - 110 VAC
  • Maximum current: 10 A
  • Input Power: 2600 w / 1400 w
  • Tank volume: 12 L 
  • Liquid supply: internal tank
  • Flow rate: 1.3 L / min (at maximum power)
  • Type of delivery: atomization / misting
  • Particle Size: 10 - 20 µm
  • Maximum disinfection level: DISINFECTION (99.99%)
  • Package Size (cm): 63 x 27 x 38
  • Net Weight: 4 Kg
  • Jet distance: 10 m
  • Machine: sprayer
  • Compatible liquids: Hydrogen peroxide stabilized, hypochlorous acid
  • Operation mode: manual

How to use the hydrogen peroxide sprayer GEA

The GEA Sprayer is used to make environments free of viruses, spores, bacteria, molds, pollen and yeasts.

This sprayer carries out its activity by atomising particles of hydrogen peroxide stabilized or hypochlorous acid disinfectant in the air and on the surfaces of the rooms.

Using GEA Sprayer is very simple:

  • Pour the disinfectant liquid  (hydrogen peroxide stabilized or hypochlorous acid) into the tank
  • Connect the spayer to the power socket
  • Adjust air control switch and disinfectant solution control valve
  • Direct the nozzle towards the area to be disinfected
  • Keep the hydrogen peroxide or hypochlorous acid machine in activity until the environment is saturated or until the product has been sprayed on all surfaces in the room.

The GEA Sprayer can be used for the hydrogen peroxide or hypochlorous acid disinfection of environments such as:

  • Companies
  • Homes
  • Shops
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Schools and educational Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Condominiums
  • Gyms and sport centres
  • Wellness centres
  • Hairdressers and beauty saloons

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