Industrial ozone generator for ozone...

Industrial ozone generator for ozone disinfection - Terminator 3

Ozone machine for environments up to 440 m³

Industrial ozone generator with Molecular Sieve filter, it does not produce carcinogenic ultraviolet radiation and toxic substances (NOx). For ozone disinfection of environments of 440 m³.

Industrial ozonator suitable for air, surfaces and water intended for professional use.

Some features of this ozone generator:

  • It eliminates up to 99,99% the microbial load
  • This ozone generator is designed and manufactured in Italy in compliance with CE standards.
  • Certified by the Ministry of Health with protocol no.24482, dated 31/07/1996.
  • Suitcase structure, for an easy transport and movement of the ozonizer
  • Equipped with ceramic diffuser nozzle, to treat even the most difficult to reach areas
  • Equipped with an ozone resistant pipeline, for delocalized or water injection
  • For environments with a maximum volume of 440 m³
  • 84 dBa acoustic signal during ozone gas production

Ozone generator with digital programmer with two specific operations - manual setting only:

  • Cyclic operation: allows you to deodorize and decontaminate the area in the presence of people and animals. The industrial ozone generator works in continuous mode indefinitely.
  • Single operation: allows you to deeply disinfect the environment in the absence of people and animals.

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  • Horizontal development structure with stainless steel AISI 304 2B box.
  • Dimensions (mm): Width 320 x Length 530 x height 340 (folded handle)
  • Weight: 13,2 Kg 
  • Suitcase structure, practical for transport, with handle and rubber feet
  • Start and stop remote control included
  • High capacity blower fan of 650 m3
  • Total power: 150 Watt
  • Operating voltage: 230 Volt alternating current 
  • Low energy consumption
  • Single-phase voltage 230 Vac and total power 0.24 kW.
  • Ceramic diffuser nozzle
  • Ozone resistant anti-return valve
  • 84 dBa acoustic signal during ozone production
  • Molecular sieve filter to prevent the formation of nitrogen oxides NOx, nitrogen dioxide NO2 and Nitric Acid HNO3, the main causes of serious damage to electrical and electronic circuits and all technological systems.
  • Ozone resistant piping.

    Available Options:

    • Oxygen supply connection

    How to use the industrial ozone generator Terminator 3

    This industrial generator is used to lower the microbial load in the air, surfaces and water and achieve healthier environments. It us used for:

    Ozone air treatment with the aim of deodorize and decontaminate the area.

    Ozone surface treatment is carried out to eliminate viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi, mould, spores and pests found in indoor environments.

    Ozone is injected into the water to obtain ultrapure water (free of microorganisms harmful to human health) or to make sanitizing water (recognized at sanitary level) used to wash and disinfect floors, surfaces and food such as fruits and vegetables.

    • Maximum disinfecting air volume: 440 m3.
    • Maximum ultrapure water volume: 4200 litres.
    • Maximum sanitizing water volume: 600 litres.

    For a thorough disinfection by using the ozone generator Terminator 3 it is recommended to proceed room by room.

    The industrial generator Terminator 3 is used in indoors with a maximum volume of 440 m3

    • A room measuring  145 m3 is decontaminated in about 20 minutes.
    • An aera of 440 m3  will be disinfected in about 1 hour.
    • A volume of 220 m3 is disinfected in about 30 minutes.
    • By injecting ozone into water, it generates 600 litres/hour of broad-spectrum sanitising water.

    The disinfecting capacity of 440 m3/h indicates that this industrial ozone generator, even if operating for more than 60 minutes, can disinfect effectively this volume because ozone quickly reconverts into oxygen.

    In order to treat larger environments, we recommend using an ozone generator with an adeguate capacity (in the case of very large environments) or to proceed with room-by-room disinfection. 

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