Ozone generator for ozone surfaces...

Ozone generator for ozone surfaces and air disinfection - T1 Basic

Ozone disinfection of homes and working environments up to 90 m³

Ozone generator for personal and professional use for disinfecting and deodorising air and surfaces of environments with a maximum volume of 90 m³.

  • It eliminates up to 99,99% the microbial load
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy, complying with CE standards
  • Steel structure laminated with PVC
  • Programmer with digital display, keeps set data in memory
  • Produces pure and concentrated ozone
  • Disinfection capacity: 90 

Operable in two modes:

  • Single operation, allows the environment to be deeply disinfected (the environment must be treated in the absence of people and animals)
  • Cyclical, infinitely continuous operation of the generator to eliminate unpleasant odours and disinfect the environment (the environment can also be treated in the presence of people and animals)

Conforms to EC standards and is recognised by the Ministry of Health under protocol no. 24482 of 31.07.1996

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  • Steel structure laminated with PVC
  • Colour: white
  • Ozone generator dimensions (mm): Depth 110 x Length 280 x Height 220
  • Weight: 2.2 kg 
  • Equipped with rubber feet
  • Programmer with digital display
  • Ozone production indicator light
  • Disinfection capacity: 90 m3
  • Deodorising capacity: 270 m3 
  • 1 fan of 90 m3 per hour
  • Total power: 40 Watt
  • Operating voltage: 230 Vac -10/-15% - 50 Hz ± 0.5%
  • Produces pure and concentrated ozone using 'corona discharge' technology
  • Conforms to CE standards
  • Certified by the Ministry of Health under protocol no. 24482 of 31.07.1996

The ozone generator T1 BASIC is used to perform professional ozone treatment with the aim to deodorise and eliminate in a very short time the microbial load in the air and on surfaces in a room with a maximum volume of 90 m3.

With this ozone generator it is only possible to disinfect air and surfaces, it cannot be used for water disinfection treatments.

T1 BASIC professional ozone generator is very simple to use:

  • Positioning the ozone generator inside the room
  • Connect it to the electrical outlet
  • Ensure that windows are closed
  • Switch on the device
  • Leaving the room
  • Close the door of the room

For safety reasons, the operating time of the ozone generator T1 BASIC can be read on the display and there is also an indicator light that stays on while the generator is producing ozone.

This ozone generator produces pure and concentrated ozone using 'corona discharge' technology.

For a deep ozone disinfection it is recommended to proceed room by room.

The T1 BASIC ozonator can be used in all closed environments with a maximum volume of 90 m3

  • Total disinfection of a room with a volume of 90 m3 in one hour.
  • Decontamination of a 45 m3 in 30 minutes.
  • Deodorising an area of 45 m3 in just 10 minutes.

Attention: the maximum disinfecting capacity of this generator is 90 m3/h, if the machine works for more than 60 minutes, its  capacity will not be increased because ozone immediately reconverts into oxygen.

To effectively disinfect larger rooms, we recommend using an ozone generator with a higher capacity (e.g. for open spaces) or disinfecting room by room.

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