Peroxide test strips

Peroxide test strips

Peroxide test strips  – 0/100 mg / L - 100 pieces package

Determination of the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in air or in a disinfectant

Peroxide Test strips - 0 - 100 mg/L  give fast and reliable results in 2 minutes. The Color scale is verified according to standards.

Peroxide Semi quantitative test strips for the determination of hydrogen peroxide concentration in the air or in liquids. 
These disinfectant test strips are used for water hardness control and disinfection control, for example, to measure the concentration of hydrogen peroxide that has been reached during disinfection treatment in a room. They also allow control of the concentration of peroxide in the disinfectant solution used.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Test strips
  • Ready-to-use kit: contains all necessary reagents
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and reliable results
  • Reading the results within 2 minutes
  • 6 concentration range
  • Color scale verified using solutions certified according to NIST primary standards
  • Suitted for environmental disinfection control
  • Used for water hardness control


28.70 €

  • 100 peroxide test
  • For semi-quantitative analysis
  • Strip dimensions: 6x95 mm
  • Measuring range: 0 - 1 - 3 - 10 - 30 - 100 mg/L hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
  • Color range: from white to blue
  • Quick, readable results in 10 - 120 seconds
  • Proven results: color scale is verified using certified standard solutions directly traceable to NIST primary standards
  • Easily transportable

These Peroxide Test strips detect the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the air or in the water of the environment and can be used in the field or in laboratory.

Hydrogen peroxide test strips are used for:

  • Monitor peroxide levels in a disinfectant mixture
  • Measure the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the air both to verify that saturation of the environment has been reached (an indicator that certifies the effectiveness of the disinfection of the room) and to detect any residues once the intervention has been completed.

The procedure for using the disinfectant test strips is very simple:

To measure residual peroxide concentration in the air, it is necessary to immerse the test strip in the reagent (distilled water), position it in strategic places and, once the disinfection has been completed, compare the result obtained with the color scale.

To test H2O2 in a disinfectant mixture, simply immerse the test strip in the solution, wait 10 to 120 seconds and compare the result with the color scale.

Peroxidase transfers an oxygen molecule of hydrogen peroxide to the organic redox indicator. This produces an oxidation process that colors the test strip blue. 

The concentration of hydrogen peroxide is measured semi-quantitatively by visual comparison of the reaction zone of the test strip with the reference colorimetric scale.

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