3 ply Surgical Face Mask
3 ply Surgical Face Mask
3 ply surgical mask
3 ply surgical mask

3 ply surgical mask

Surgical face mask type 2R, the only type of surgical mask splash - resistant – 50 pieces package

Surgical mask made of 3 layers prevents the dispersion of viruses and bacteria into the environment.

  • Disposable
  • 2 elastic ear loops 
  • Equipped with a moldable nose clip
  • 3 layers of non-woven polypropylene fabric
  • Breathable fabric
  • High Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE > 99%)
  • Non-sterile
  • CE certification available on request
  • Complies with EN 14683: 2019 Type IIR standards


6.00 €

  • Splash-resistant
  • Main body: 3 layers of polypropylene TNT
  • Breathable layers
  • First layer (external): made of 100% polypropylene light blue colored
  • Second layer (intermediate): filter made of 100% hydrophilic polypropylene
  • Third layer (inside): water repellent, made of 100% polypropylene mesh
  • With 2 elastic bands
  • Elastic composition: polyester with hypoallergenic and atraumatic elastomer
  • Ultrasonic welding of components
  • Moldable nose clip
  • Composition of the nasal bar: galvanized metal covered with biodegradable cellulose
  • Non-sterile
  • Latex-free
  • It does not contain glass fibers
  • Dimensions (mm): 175 x 95 (+/- 2 mm)
  • Colour: light blue
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) > 99% for particles > 1 micron
  • Breathing resistance: mm H20 / cm 2 <2.5
  • Medical Device Class I - Type 2R*
  • Disposable
  • Compliant with European standards (UNI EN ISO 14683: 2019)
  • CE certified
  • Produced in UNI EN ISO 9001 factories; UNI EN14683 ISO 13485

*According to UNI EN 14683, there are three categories of these medical devices, based on bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE):

  • TYPE I (bacterial filtration efficiency ⊇95%)
  • TYPE II (bacterial filtration efficiency ⊇98%)
  • TYPE IIR (bacterial filtration efficiency ⊇98% with mechanical spray resistance).

The 3-ply surgical mask has a high bacterial filtration efficiency and offers maximum comfort. The elastic ear loops welded to the 3 layers of non-woven fabric with ultrasound technology are soft and do not tighten and, together with the easily modellable nose clip, guarantees perfect adhesion to any type of face shape.

To wear the 3 ply surgical mask correctly:

  1. Keep the blue layer outside
  2. Unfold the 3 ply surgical mask keeping the part with the nose bar upwards
  3. Hang the two elastic bands behind the ears
  4. Stretch the folds and make it adhere perfectly to the face
  5. Model the nose clip

The disposable 3 ply surgical mask is worn correctly if it covers the user's nose, mouth and chin.

Before putting on and taking off the 3 ply surgical mask, disinfect your hands with water and soap or with an hydroalcoholic hand sanitizer.

The 3 ply Surgical masks are not considered as personal protective equipment (PPE) but a Medical Device that can be used when is required a level of respiratory protection not exceeding type 2R according to UNI EN 14683:2019. 

This 3 layer certified surgical mask  is Splash-resistant.

This medical device avoids the risk of the user dispersing aerosols and droplets potentially contaminated by viruses and bacteria into the environment. It protects people who are near the user as it avoids the contamination of the environments. Type 2R is also able to protect the user from splashes potentially contaminated.

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