Latex free nitrile gloves - 200...
Latex free nitrile gloves - 200...
Latex free nitrile gloves - 200...
latex free nitrile gloves
latex free nitrile gloves
latex free nitrile gloves

Latex free nitrile gloves - 200 pieces package

Protective gloves suitable for healthcare facilities,  HO.RE.CA. sector, cleaning and disinfection companies

    Nitrile gloves safe for latex allergy, PPE against chemicals and micro-organisms risks.

    • 100% NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber)
    • Disposable
    • Powder-free
    • Ambidextrous shape with straight fingers
    • Extended Cuff with elasticated for excellent grip
    • Maximum tactile sensitivity
    • Excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions
    • Latex-free (without latex components)
    • Seamless and burr-free
    • Very resistant, prevents tearing while wearing it
    • Suitable for food contact
    • CE marking
    • PPE cat 3 type B - against chemicals risks and micro-organisms
    • Compliance: EN455; EN 420; EN 374; EN16523-1; ASTM D6319; ASTM F1670; ASTM F1671; ISO10993;EU Regulation 2016/425 and Legislative Decree 475/92 and subsequent amendments and integrations; Community Directive 93/42/EEC and Legislative Decree 46/97 and subsequent amendments and integrations.



    24.48 €

    • Material: 100% Nitrile (NBR)
    • Latex-free
    • Ambidextrous - anatomical
    • Disposable
    • Sterile: NO
    • Colour: Light blue
    • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): Cat. 3 Type B
    • MD (Medical Device): Cat. 1
    • Tensile strength: 6.59 N
    • Thickness: Finger apex (at 13±3mm. from the tip of finger) 0.100±0.02 Thickness of palm (at the center of palm) 0.075±0.02 Thickness of wrist (at 25±5mm. from the end of wrist) 0.060±0.02
    • Food contact: suitable with restriction*
    • Interior: polymer coated
    • Cuff: reinforced with elastic
    • Max. dexterity: level 5
    • Package of 200 pieces
    • Biocompatibility according to ISO10993 proven by primary skin irritation and delayed hypersensitivity tests to which the glove is subjected; 
    • Passed the viral penetration test according to ASTM F1670 e ASTM F1671.
    • Goodpac Technology: the latex-free nitrile gloves are packaged in boxes in alternating single layers.

    These powder-free disposable nitrile gloves are a valid alternative for personnel sensitive to latex protein and for use in latex-free or latex-safe departments.

    These protective nitrile gloves are against biological and chemical agents.

    The absence of latex and powder also makes this PPE food safe. They are suitable for the food industry for the following product categories*:

    02 Cereals, cereal-based products, confectionery, cake biscuits and other bakery products (02.01, 02.02, 02.03, 02.04, 02.05A, 02.05B, 02.06°)

    03 Chocolate, sugar and confectionery products (03.01, 03.02AI, 03.02AII, 03.03A)

    04 Fruit, vegetables and fruit products (04.01, 04.02A, 04.03A, 04.03B, 04.04, 04.05A) 

    06 Animal products and eggs (06.06A, 06.06B, 06.07B, 06.08) 

    07 Milk-based products (07.01D, 07.04A, 07.05B)

    08 Miscellaneous Products (08.02A, 08.03I, 08.03AII, 08.04B, 08.05, 08.08A, 08.08B, 08.10A, 08.10B, 08.11, 08.13A, 08.14, 08.16, 08.17) 

    Where to use latex-free nitrile gloves

    Latex-free disposable nitrile gloves protect the worker's skin from chemical agents and biological agents. The absence of talc reduces the risk of dermatitis, making them ideal for people with very sensitive skin. 

    Some fields of application:

    • General Cleaning 
    • Environmental disinfection
    • Electronics industry
    • Warehousing
    • Mechanical industry
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Catering
    • Hospital - healthcare sector
    • Ho.Re.Ca
    • Veterinary
    • Food Industry.

    National and
    International shipments



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