Overshoes disposable
Overshoes disposable
Overshoes disposable
overshoes disposable
overshoes disposable
overshoes disposable

Overshoes disposable

Disposable shoe covers in non-woven polypropylene fabric - Pack of 100 pieces

Overshoes disposable in non-woven fabric, breathable and non-slip. Easy to wear, they are practical and hygienic. The elastic band allows the attachment to the shoe and isolates it from the external environment, protecting the user's sole from dirt and preventing the shoe from contaminating the environment.

Some characteristics of these overshoes in TNT:

üHygienic protection of the user
üAvoid contamination of the environment
üWith elastic band for fixing
üNot sterile product
üOne size only
üClass I Medical Device

PACKAGE CONTENT: 100 disposable overshoes in TNT

9.92 €

  • Material: non-woven polypropylene fabric
  • Non-slip overshoes
  • Breathable
  • With elastic for fixing
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: one size
  • Dimensions: 16 x 40 cm
  • Disposable
  • Weight: 30 g +/- 2g
  • Packaging: 100 disposable overshoes
  • Storage: below 40 °C, cool and dry place
  • Latex-free
  • Not sterile
  • Medical Device class I

How to use disposable TNT overshoes:

  • Spread the elastic band for attachment to the shoe
  • Insert the shoe
  • Cover the shoe well by placing the elastic on the top of the foot

Overshoes must be worn before entering the place in which they are required and, after use, must be disposed of, as they are disposable medical devices.

Overshoes are worn to prevent the user's shoe from coming into contact with contaminants on the floors but also to prevent the sole from contaminating the environment, providing greater hygiene.

These overshoes decrease the risk of the user falling because they are non-slip.

Disposable non-woven overshoes can be used in a variety of work environments.

They limit the risks of cross-contamination of environments: they therefore avoid that the person who enters a potentially contaminated place by pathogens, due to direct contact with the sole of the shoe, carries the contaminants to other places. They also reduce the risk of contaminating the work environment with dirt and contaminants found on the sole of the shoe.

Because of their function, they can be used in environments such as:

  • Medical offices/centers, hospital facilities
  • Nursing homes and RSAs
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • Food processing environments
  • Kitchens and canteens
  • Beauty centers
  • Cleaning and pest control companies
  • Disinfection services companies

These medical devices ensure greater hygiene and therefore increase the safety of working environments and are usually used in combination with other PPE.

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