Antigen test home kit

Antigen test home kit

Nasal swab antigen test for detection of SARS-CoV-2 , Influenza A and B

Antigen test home kit for qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid protein, Influenza A and B nucleoprotein antigens in a nasal swab specimen.

This do-it-yourself antigen test is intended for in vitro self-testing use in order to enable symptomatic / asymptomatic individuals with suspected COVID-19 and/or Influenza A + B infection to obtain a rapid and reliable result.

Some features of this antigen rapid test:

  • Overall accuracy 98.92% 
  • COVID-19 and flu rapid test 
  • One cassette, 2 different sample well: one for influenza A + B and one for COVID-19
  • This antigen test result time is 10 minutes
  • Possible results: positive, negative, invalid
  • Disposable nasal swab
  • CE 1434 in vitro diagnostic medical device
  • CE Certification
  • Approved by the Italian Ministry of Health
11.00 €

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2.

  • Antigen rapid test kit for qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein, Influenza A and Influenza B nucleoprotein antigens
  • Overall accuracy of 98.92%*
  • Single-use antigen nasal swab kit
  • Ready to use
  • For self-testing in vitro diagnostic use only
  • Result in 10 minutes
  • CE 1434 in vitro diagnostic medical device
  • CE Certification
  • Approved by the Italian Ministry of Health


  • Test cassettes (COVID-19 / Influenza A+B)
  • Sterile nasal swab
  • Extraction buffer
  • Package insert
  • Biosafety bag

*Are antigen test accurate ?

    The antigen swab for qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens and Influenza A+B antigens has been evaluated with specimens obtained from the patients. RT-PCR is used as the reference method. Specimens were considered positive when RT-PCR indicated a positive result. Specimens were considered negative when RT-PCR indicated a negative result.

    are antigen test accurate

        Antigen rapid test instructions

        To do the antigen nasal swab correctly, you must follow all the directions in the package insert. Before starting the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water (for at least 20 seconds) or use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

        Then follow the steps of the antigen rapid test procedure:

        1 – Remove the cover of the tube containing the extraction buffer and place it in the tube holder on the box.

        istruzioni tampone rapido_step1jpg

        2 – Nasal swab specimen collection

        • Insert the swab into your nostril (approx. 2 cm up your nose) and twist it (rubbing it along the nostril walls) 5-10 times.
        • Repeat the same operation (using the same nasal swab) in your other nostril.

        istruzioni tampone rapido_prelievo

        3 – Specimen preparation

        • Insert the swab into the extraction tube until it touches the bottom, press the swab head against the tube and rotate it for 10-15 seconds.
        • Pull the swab out by pressing the swab head against the inside of the extraction tube.
        • Close the cap or fit the tube tip onto the tube.

        istruzioni tampone rapido_preparazione

        4 – Testing

        Add 3 drops of extracted sample to each sample well (S) on the test cassette ( 3 drops in the well for COVID-19 and 3 drops in the well for influenza A +B).

        istruzioni tampone rapido_test

        Antigen test results

        Read the results after 10 minutes (do not read the result after 20 minutes).

        In an antigen positive rapid test two colored lines appears (three in case of positivity to both influenza A and influenza B): one line in the control region (C) and the other line appears in:

        • the T region if positive to SARS-CoV-2;
        • the Influenza A region (A) if positive to Influenza A;
        • the Influenza B region (B) if positive to Influenza B;
        • One line in the A region and one line in the B region (B) if positive to both influenza A+B.

        positive rapid test

        Antigen rapid test negative only one colored line appears in the control area (C), no line should appear in the T/A/B region

        negative rapid test

        Antigen swab is invalid when the line in the control region (C) does not appear.

        invalid antigenic test

        This antigen nasal swab kit can be used by adults, teens and children with symptoms of SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A or B or by asymptomatic individuals who may have come in contact with infected persons for self-testing purposes.

        Unlike the saliva antigen test kit, in which human saliva samples are used, in this case nasal swabs specimen are used.

        If the nasal swab test result is positive, contact your general practitioner / doctor and follow local guidelines/regulations regarding COVID-19.

        Test for children and young people should be under the guidance of an adult.

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