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    Cleaning verification system Luminometer EnSURE

    ATP detection to check the hygiene of the surfaces

    Luminometer EnSURE by Hygiena is multiple monitoring system that provides results in 15 seconds. It is used to monitor environmental hygiene, such as the identification of bacterial and microbial load and detection of allergens on surfaces and liquids.

    • Detection up to 8 times more sensitive than SystemSURE Plus
    • handheld, small and lightweight instrument
    • Does not require specific laboratory equipment
    • Uses ATP testing swabs with liquid-stable reagent
    • Easy to use and understanding of measurements
    • Fast and reliable results (15 seconds)
    • Test Storage Capacity: 2000 detections
    • Display to view results
    • Measurements downloadable to computer via USB connection cable (supplied)
    • Works with 2 AA Alkaline batteries
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    • Resolution: from 0.1 to 10.000 RLU - 1 RLU = 1 femtomole (1 X 10-15 moles ) of ATP
    • Measures ATP, Allergen, TVC, Enterobacteriaceae, Coliforms, E. coli, ALP, and ACP test devices
    • Can detect down to 0.1 femtomoles of ATP
    • Light Sensor: photodiode
    • Setting up to 20 enviromental monitoring programmes 
    •  2000 results stored in the system 
    • Free SURE TREND data analysis software for saving data in Windows Excel 
    • Results in 15 seconds
    • Automatic calibration at switch-on 
    • Uses testing swabs with liquid-stable reagent
    • Connects to software via USB
    • Instrument size (cm): 7 x 18 x 3
    • Large backlit screen
    • Simple and intuitive keypad
    • Works with 2 AA Alkaline batteries
    • Compatible with: Surface ATP Test, Water ATP test and High-sensitivity Surface ATP test

    The luminometer EnSURE is used for:

    • Analysis and monitoring of environmental hygiene
    • Microbial charge detection
    • Checking for allergens

    Thanks to the display and intuitive symbols on the keypad, this monitoring device is very easy to use:

    • Switch the luminometer on
    • Insert the collection device for ATP sampling (which has been in contact with the surface or immersed in the liquid)
    • Wait 15 seconds
    • Read the result.

    The backlit screen shows the following information:

    • The value of RLU (Relativ Light Units)
    • The chosen programme
    • Upper and lower thresholds (can be modified as required)
    • The pass (v) or fail (x) symbols.

    The EnSURE instrument allows you to take up to 8 times more sensitive measurements than the SystemSURE Plus luminometer. ATP bioluminescence (produced by the reaction with the liquid-stable reagent) allows to measure the level of contamination of surfaces.

    Some examples of applications are:

    • Food industry: to check for allergens 
    • Helthcare sector: for monitoring environmental hygiene
    • Environmental disinfection services: for the detection of the microbial load both before and after the intervention.

    Just in few seconds thanks to combined use of ATP testing swabs with the EnSURE instrument, it is possible to detect the nucleotide ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), an organic compound found in all living cells, and to verify the level of cleanliness of a surface.

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