Environmental monitoring system...
Environmental monitoring system...
environmental monitoring system ensure touch
environmental monitoring system ensure touch

Environmental monitoring system EnSURE TOUCH

Hygiene and cleanliness verification system for surfaces

Environmental monitoring system Luminometer EnSURE Touch by Hygiena, is a multiple monitoring system that provides results in 10 seconds.
It is compatible with ATP Cleaning Verification Test, Organism Tests, Enzyme Tests.

Environmental hygiene monitoring device: all the functions and features of Hygiena's cleaning verification systems are at your fingertips.

  • Large, responsive and unbreakable touch-screen display, can also be used with gloves
  • Wireless sync technology: connect to software via Wi-Fi
  • SureTrend Cloud data Analysis software to save your measurements in the cloud
  • It works like a smartphone
  • Simulates RLU values from other environmental monitoring systems
  • Handheld, small and lightweight instrument
  • Does not require specific laboratory equipment
  • Uses ATP testing swabs with liquid-stable reagent
  • Easy to use and understanding of measurements
  • Fast and reliable results (10 seconds)
  • Measurements can be downloaded to the cloud or computer via connection cable (supplied)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery via USB-C cable (supplied)
  • It supports multiple languages
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  • Can detect < 0.1 femtomole of ATP
  • Light sensor: Photodiode
  • Tilt sensor ensures more accurate readings
  • Storage: 2 GB internal storage and unlimited SureTrend cloud space
  • USB or Wi-Fi sync functionality
  • Results in 10 seconds
  • Automatic calibration at switch-on 
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion battery with USB-C charging
  • Battery run time: 8 - 10 hours
  • Battery charge time: 3 - 4 hours
  •  5'' touch-screen display 
  • Instrument size(cm): 17.8 x 7.6 x 2.5
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Customizable fields to your plans, locations according to your needs

Thanks to the touch screen the use of the environmental monitoring system EnSURE Touch is much simpler and more intuitive than other luminometers on the market, in fact its configuration and its operation are like that of a smartphone.

The EnSURE Touch luminometer is used for:

  • Analysis and monitoring of environmental hygiene
  • Microbial charge detection
  • Checking for the presence of allergens

After configuring this environmental monitoring system, to perform a sampling test it is necessary to:

  • Swab an area with the sample collection device for ATP
  • Place the surface sampling swab in the tube and squeeze the valve to release the reagent.
  • Shake for 5 seconds
  • Insert the pre-wettend swab into the luminometer
  • Wait 10 seconds
  • Read the result.

The EnSURE Touch sanitation monitoring system is used to verify environmental cleanliness (surfaces and liquids).

This environmental monitoring system is compatible with:

  • Surface ATP test
  • Water ATP test
  • Indicator Organism test
  • Enzyme test

Using environmental monitoring system EnSURE Touch you can:

  • Check the hygiene of surfaces, liquids and products.
  • Verify the effectiveness of the environmental disinfection intervention
  • It is an objective proof of the achievement of the required cleaning standards in certain sectors (health sector, food industry, etc.).
  • Identifies the areas at greatest biohazard risk within the company's environment
  • Check for allergens
  • It detects acid phosphatase activity to determine if raw meat residue exists on a surface. 
  • It can be used to verify the thermal processing of finished products. 
  • It can detect glucose and lactose on surfaces. 
  • It can detect alkaline phosphatase activity in milk products to verify pasteurization efficiency.

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