Hand sanitizer dispenser with...
Hand sanitizer dispenser with...
hand sanitizer dispenser with thermometer
hand sanitizer dispenser with thermometer

Hand sanitizer dispenser with thermometer

Body temperature measurement and hand sanitization in a single instrument

Hand sanitizer dispenser with thermometer for body temperature measurament and automatic sensor for hand sanitizing gel.

  • Dual function: temperature measurement and automatic hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Works automatically, it is a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Safe tool
  • Easy to use
  • High measurement accuracy: +/- 0.2° C
  • Alarm function for temperatures exceeding the threshold (can be set)
  • Digital display
  • Two scales: Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F)
  • Compatible with hand sanitizer gel
  • CE Certification
95.00 €

  • Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with thermometer
  • Dimensions without tripod (mm): 133 x 280 x 120 (Length x Height x Width)
  • Weight without tripod: 740g
  • Dimensions with tripod (mm): 133 x 430 x 133 (Length x Height x Width)
  • Weight with tripod: 935g
  • Operation: automatic
  • Measuring distance: 5 - 10 cm
  • High measurement accuracy: +/- 0.2° C
  • Two with thermometerscales: Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F)
  • Range: min 0° C max 50° C
  • Alarm function (sound and light) for temperatures exceeding the threshold (settable)
  • Digital LED display: numbers
  • Power port: USB type C
  • Compatible with hand sanitizer gel 
  • Type of installation: wall mounted hand sanitizer / with tripod
  • Response time: 500 ms
  • Standby mode: after 5 seconds (continuous dynamic white light cycle)
  • Power supply: 5V DC - 1500 MA (or 4 AA batteries)
  • CE Certification

To use the  automatic dispenser with thermometer:

  • Insert the hand sanitizer gel into the tank.
  • Install the device on the wall or place it on the tripod.
  • Connect it to the electrical outlet using the power supply and USB C cable (or insert the 4 AA batteries).

The device is now functional. To disinfect your hands and get your body temperature measurement you only need to bring your hand closer to the bottom of the device and, almost instantly, it will deliver the sanitizer gel and you will be able to see your temperature on the display.

The automaric dispenser with thermometer can be installed in all facilities.
It is very useful when positioned at the entrance of environments such as:

  • Companies
  • Medical studies
  • Stores
  • Hairdressers
  • Small supermarkets
  • Beauty centers

In these environments, it will save you the time of measuring your customers' body temperature and you won't need an attendant to take care of this activity. Thanks to the alarm you can easily see if a person has a body temperature above the threshold you set.

It can also be installed in all common areas of indoor environments bringing the following advantages:

  • It guarantees maximum safety: it is contactless, it avoids direct contact between the dispenser and the person's hand, a factor that makes people calmer and consequently more inclined to use it and disinfect their hands.
  • It reduces waste: it dispenses the right amount of sanitizer.

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