Hand sanitizer with hydrogen peroxide...

Hand sanitizer with hydrogen peroxide and 80% alcohol GEA spray 100 ml - 12 pieces package

Hydroalcoholic-based sanitizing spray with hydrogen peroxide for deep hands and surfaces hygiene

Hand sanitizer 80% alcohol with hydrogen peroxide. GEA Spray is a surface and hand sanitizer spray 100ml compliant with World Health Organization (WHO) recipe.

Some features of the sanitizer for hands GEA Spray:

  • Spray dispenser cap
  • Pocket box for easy transport
  • Not greasy, not dry, leaves the hands soft
  • Perfect away from home when you don't have water and soap to wash your hands
  • Does not require rinsing
  • Complies with WHO recipe


30.24 €


Hand sanitizer with hydrogen peroxide GEA spray is composed of the following ingredients:

  • Denatured Alcohol 
  • Water
  • Glycerine
  • Hydrogen peroxide

GEA sanitizer spray 100ml with 80% alcohol and hydrogen peroxide can be used for the hygiene of:

Not suitable for food, crockery and cutlery.

It is very easy to use:

Spray the sanitizer directly onto the hand or surface to be disinfected. The product evaporates quickly, no need to rinse. 

It can be used daily and for every need.

GEA spray hand sanitizer 80% alcohol enhances sanitation by adding hydrogen peroxide.

Alcohol Denatured to '80% contained in the solution in the presence of water performs its bactericidal and virucidal action thanks to its ability to denature the cytoplasmic proteins of the cells. In the absence of water, proteins are not denatured, which explains why pure alcohol is less bactericidal than alcohol and water solutions.

Glycerol is used for its high moisturising, occlusive (protects the skin from aggression), emollient (skin and hair) or humectant (allows a product to maintain its fluid appearance). It has anti-inflammatory power when incorporated in potentially irritating products.

Hydrogen Peroxide is known for its virucidal, bactericidal, sporicidal and fungicidal action.

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