Cover spectacles Dräger X-pect® 8110...

    Cover spectacles Dräger X-pect® 8110 - 5 pieces package

    Safety overglasses for eye protection for workers who wear glasses

    Cover Spectacles
    Dräger X-pect® 8110, UV protection, lateral anti-fog ventilation, large field of vision, ultimate comfort.

    • Large Mono lens
    • Wide field of vision
    • Very robust but lightweight material
    • Light and resistant safety overglasses 
    • Ergonomic design 
    • Comfortable to wear
    • UV protection
    • Molded browguard 
    • Lateral ventilation to avoid fog
    • Wearable with prescription glasses
    • Perfect protection against small droplets and splashes
    • Approved according to EN 166:2001 and in compliance with EC directives.


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    • Lens material: Polycarbonate (PC)
    • Material of frame: Polycarbonate (PC)
    • Mono lens
    • Lens colour: Transparent / clear
    • Mounting material / rods: Polycarbonate
    • Cover Spectaclesr weight (g): 45
    • Anti-fog lateral ventilation 
    • Optical class:
    • Manufacturer: Dräger 
    • Molded brow guard
    • Large field of vision
    • UV protection: Yes
    • Certifications: approved according to EN 166:2001 and in compliance with EC directives

    Dräger's X-pect 8110  cover spectacles are designed to be worn with standard prescription glasses. These over glasses safety glasses are also perfectly compatible with Dräger respiratory protection like half masks..

    These Cover Spectacles offer high protection with maximum comfort:

    • The design is ergonomic and its materials are light, they are comfortable to wear even for intensive use.
    • The shaped brownguard is optimal against small droplets and splashes.
    • The one-piece transparent lens allows a large field of vision and ensures maximum light transmission.
    • Lateral ventilation avoids fog on your prescription glasses.

    Personal Protective Equipment for eyes (PPE) are used for general applications where safety goggles are required and can be worn with or without prescription glasses.

    These Cover Spectacles  protect from:

    • Mechanical damage caused by solid particles or dust
    • Chemical damage caused by contact with chemicals, e.g., splashes and drops.
    • Optical damage caused by UV.

    Some examples of application fields:

    • Visitors to industrial plants
    • Users who wear prescription glasses who need eye protection in their workplace
    • Construction and agriculture
    • Emergency personnel
    • Medical assistance
    • Environmental disinfection

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