Mascherina chirurgica, Sterile, Azzurra, Monouso
    Disposable surgical mask, sterile and...
    Mascherina chirurgica, Sterile, Azzurra, Monouso
    disposable surgical mask

    Disposable surgical mask, sterile and certified - 50 pieces package

    Sterile surgical mask with Bacterial Filtration Efficiency  > al 98%

    • Disposable face mask
    • With elastic earloops
    • Adjustable nose bridge clip
    • Medical Device Class I Type II 
    • BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)  ⊇98%
    • Sterile
    • CE marking
    24.50 €
    Tax excluded

    • Device: surgical mask
    • With 2 elastic earloops
    • Adjustable nose brige clip
    • Dimensions (cm): 19.5 x 9.5 
    • Rectangular mask with pleats 
    • Colour: Light Blue
    • Medical Device Class I Type II*
    • Disposable
    • Sterile
    • Certified surgical mask (CE marking)
    *Surgical masks, according to UNI EN 14683, are divided into three categories, based on Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE):
    • TYPE I (bacterial filtration efficiency ⊇95%)
    • TYPE II (bacterial filtration efficiency ⊇98%)
    • TYPE IIR (bacterial filtration efficiency ⊇98% with mechanical spray resistance).

    In order to wear the disposable sterile surgical mask correctly it is necessary:

    • Disinfect your hands with a hydroalcoholic gel, with hand sanitizer spray or with soap and water.
    • Open the product packaging
    • Position the mask keeping the light blue side outwards and the nose bridge clip upwards (avoid touching the inside with your hands).
    • Gently spread the two elastic earloops and hang them on the ears.
    • Shape the nose bridge clip by pressing it lightly on the nose.
    • Pull the lower end of the surgical mask down (to fully open the folded edge)
    • The surgical mask must cover: the nose, mouth and chin of the user in order to guarantee the airtightness of mask.

    The hands should also be disinfected immediately after removing the mask.

    This sterile disposable surgical mask is not suitable for people with allergies.

    The disposable surgical mask is not considered a personal protective equipment (PPE) and therefore does not offer protection against splashes of hazardous or potentially contaminated liquids.

    The surgical mask is worn to prevent the user from dispersing aerosols potentially contaminated with viruses and microbes into the environment.

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