Mascherina protettiva Dräger X-plore® 1720 FFP2 NR D

    FFP2 disposable masks without exhalation valve Dräger X-plore® 1720 NR D - 20 pieces package

    Respiratory protection from fine dust, solid and liquid particles

    Folded disposable dust mask Dräger X-plore® 1720 FFP2 NR D, with activated carbon layer, without exhalation valve, protection from dust, solid and liquid particles.

    Disposable face mask FFP2 without exhalation valve

    • Anti-odours, with activated carbon layer inside the mask
    • Disposable mask
    • CoolSafe™ filter material
    • Easy to wear 
    • Ergonomic form and soft material fits well to the face. 
    • Safe and airtight seal
    • Maximum comfort even when used for longer periods of time
    • Each mask is folded and individually packaged in a plastic bag

    Certification: EN 149:2001+A1:2009; tested according to dolomite powder tests


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    • Disposable dusts mask with protection class FFP2 NR D
    • Marking D: has passed the Dolomite dust test
    • NR marking: NR means not reusable. The mask can be worn for a maximum of one working shift
    • CoolSafe™ filter material for protection against fine dusts, solid and liquid particles
    • Equipped with an activated carbon layer against unpleasant organic odours
    • VarioFlex™ continuous loop head harness allows you to put it on and remove it easily and allows a perfect fit without pressure
    • Tested and approved in accordance with Directive (EU) 2016/425 in compliance with the requirements of technical standard EN 149:2001+A1/2009 
    • Individually packed in plastic bags
    • The protective mask is folded in a flat pack to save space during storage and transportation

    The X-plore® 1720 FFP2 NR D disposable mask protect the worker against dust, solid and liquid particles but not against radioactive materials, airborne biological substances of risk group 3, and enzymes.

    The CoolSAFE™ filter material combines in a single PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or RPE (Respiratory Protection Equipment) low breathing resistance with high filtration performance, maximum comfort for optimal protection.

    The particle filtering half masks is comfortable to wear because:

    • The internal material is soft, hypoallergenic and repels moisture, a feature that allows to maintain, even if used for longer periods of time, always a breathing resistance low. The various filtering layers effectively block particles of different sizes, even in situations where there is high exposure to dust, allowing the user to work effortlessly.
    • The VarioFLEX™ continuous loop heas harness is made of an elastic textile strap that allows the user to easily put on and remove the mask and ensures maximum comfort. The elastic is tear-proof and soft, it adapts perfectly to the shape of the face without generating pressure on the head or tearing the hair.
    • The flexible nose clip and the nose pad ensure optimum grip even on critical areas around the nose.

    To ensure hygiene and greater safety, each disposable FPP2 mask is individually packed and hermetically sealed.

    The mask FFP2 without exhalation valve X-plore® 1720 is used for protection against dust, solid and liquid particles. After an accurate risk assessment, this mask can be used against airborne biological agents such as certain viruses or bacteria. Don’t use this RPE for protection against radioactive materials, airborne biological substances of risk group 3, and enzymes.

    Some examples of applications:

    • Woodworking such as sanding and cutting hardwood and softwood (protects against fine particles, wood dust)
    • Sanding / grinding as a rust, masonry and concrete removal activity (protects against rust dust, stone dust, wood dust)
    • Construction and mining - it protects against large paint particles, paint mists, general dust, fine plaster dust, wood dust (hard/soft), roof and tile dust, fine stone dust.
    • Metal processing – It protects against the fumes of welding activity.
    • Waste disposal, including cleaning work in low-dust environments, it protects against non-toxic dust, bacteria and fungi.
    • Vaporisation by laying solutions containing microparticles (e.g., Titanium dioxide).

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