Ozonizer GALILEO

Ozonizer GALILEO

Professional ozone machine for ozone disinfection of healthcare environments and HO.RE.CA. sector

Ozonizer with molecular sieve filter  (it does not produce carcinogenic ultraviolet radiation and toxic substances) and active catalytic circuit (automatically converts ozone residues into oxygen) for disinfection of environments with volume up to 890 m3.

Ozonator for professional use in the sanitary industry for air and water disinfection.

Key features of Galileo ozonizer for healthcare environments and hospitality industry:

  • It eliminates up to 99,99% the microbial load
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy, in compliance with CE standards.
  • Ozone generator (O3) certified by the Ministry of Health, prot. no.24482, dated 31/07/1996.
  • Easy to use
  • Practical handle to pull it by hand like a trolley case
  • Light and sound signal for ozone production warning
  • Molecular sieve filter for air drying
  • On/off remote control
  • Practical chronometer to hang outside the room
  • At the end of the disinfection treatment, thanks to the active catalytic circuit that automatically converts ozone residues into oxygen, it is not necessary to ventilate the room
  • Digital programmer
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  • Structure in satin stainless steel AISI 304 B2 with vertical development.
  • Dimensions (mm): height 900 - width 440 - depth 300.
  • Weight: 25 Kg.
  • Equipped with handles (one is on back) and wheels for easy handling.
  • On/off remote control.
  • Control panel with programmer, switch and sound and light signaller.
  • Molecular sieve filter to prevent the formation of nitrogen oxides NOx, NO2 e HN03, the main causes of serious damage to electrical and electronic circuits and all technological systems.
  • Single-phase 230 Vac voltage
  • Total power: 240 W.
  • Very low energy consumption.
  • 84 dBa acoustic signal during ozone production
  • Active Catalytic Circuit
  • Catalyst system input.
  • Ozone-resistant ceramic diffuser nozzle
  • Ozone resistant tube
  • Non-return valve
  • Practical chronometer to hang outside the room, to signal both the remaining operating time and the end of the disinfecting operation (sound signal + LCD display).

    Available options:

    • Connection for oxygen supply

    How to use the professional ozonizer GALILEO

    The use of the ozonizer GALILEO is very simple:

    1. The operator places the ozone machine inside the room
    2. He connects the plug to the power outlet
    3. He closes the door and leaves the room
    4. From the outside, he uses the supplied remote control to turn the ozone generator on.

    This ozonizer is equipped with an acustic signal that indicates that the machine is producing ozone. In addition, there is also a chronometer to hang outside the door of the room where the disinfection is being carried out to display the time missing at the end of the operation.

    Once the time set for ozone disinfection, decontamination and deodorisation treatment has expired, GALILEO switches off automatically.

    For a thorough disinfection it is recommended to proceed room by room.

    The GALILEO ozonizer is suitable for all environments where there is a high circulation of people and the time needed to disinfecting treatment is limited, environments where healthiness is inevitably reduced, such as those in the healthcare.

    It is therefore suitable for deodorization, disinfection and decontamination treatments of:

    • Hospitals
    • Doctor's offices
    • Clinics
    • Nursing homes
    • Dentists
    • Rresidential care facilities 
    • Veterinary Clinics.

    The ozonizer GALILEO can disinfect a 45 m3 living room (and all the furniture / objects inside it) in just 11 minutes of which: 7 minutes are for the ozone disinfection treatment while the remaining 4 minutes are needed to convert the residual ozone back into oxygen. 

    In just 15 minutes GALILEO disinfects a hospital bedroom (with a volume of 75 m3 ) of which 9 minutes are for disinfection treatment and 6 minutes are needed by the catalytic circuit to convert the ozone residues into oxygen.

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