Disposable ear plugs Uvex X-Fit

Disposable ear plugs Uvex X-Fit

Ear plugs Uvex X-Fit - 200 pieces package

Hearing protection with excellent human voice recognition for noisy environments 


Disposable ear plugs Uvex X-Fit with 37 dB insulation. Bag with 200 ear plugs for charging the dispenser.

Ergonomically designed, disposable, preformed protective earplugs.

  • Insulation 37 decibels
  • Excellent voice recognition
  • Complies with EN 352-2 and additional requirements S, V, W, E 
  • Without cord
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Easy insertion and removal
  • Disposable
  • X-grip technology


35.92 €

  • Attenuation value (SNR): 37 dB - H: 36 dB, M: 34 dB, L: 34 dB
  • Color: lime
  • Pack: 200 pieces
  • Fluorescent
  • Material: Foam
  • Weight: 63 g
  • Type: Disposable
  • Without cord
  • Complies with EN 352-2 and additional requirements S, V, W, E*.
  • Ergonomic design
  • X-grip technology
  • Brand: Uvex

*S - Audibility of the acoustic signal on railway tracks, V - Audibility of the acoustic signal in road traffic, W - Audibility of the warning acoustic signal, in general, E - Audibility of the acoustic signal for traction unit drivers and locomotive shunters in the railway sector.

These disposable ear plugs provide very high levels of insulation and are suitable for very noise environments.

For example: Road construction, asphalt works, electrical installation, construction of bridges / tunnels / elevated highways, metal works, etc.

These hearing protections attenuate the noise by 37 dB but guarantee excellent recognition of the human voice, so you can understand indications, warnings and possible danger warnings.

For optimal use: before inserting the disposable ear plugs, crush them slightly so that the material adheres correctly and does not compromise their function.

They are disposable ear protection PPE, so it is recommended to discard them after each use. 

These disposable ear protection plugs is made of soft foam, a material that adheres perfectly to the ear canal, and with an ergonomic design that allows you to wear them all day, without discomfort.

Disposable Uvex ear plugs feature patented X Grip technology (an X at the end of the caps), designed to reduce pressure in the ear canal and facilitate the extraction of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
In addition, the flexible surface of the cap protects against dirt penetration.

These disposable earplugs are suitable for environments where noise pollution is extreme.

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