Disposable shoe covers

Disposable shoe covers

Overshoes in polypropylene (PP)  - 100 pieces package

Limit the risks of cross-contamination of the environments by using disposable overshoes

Disposable polypropylene shoe covers are commonly used in clean environments.

Some features of these disposable shoe covers:

  • Seamless under the foot
  • Opening stretched: 300 mm
  • Disposable
  • Universal size
  • Manufactured and vacuum-sealed bagged in a strictly clean environment.


27.20 €

  • Material: non-woven polypropylene shoe covers
  • Disposable
  • Density: 40 g/m2
  • Color: white
  • Size: universal
  • Length: 40 cm +/- 1,5 cm
  • Height: 18 cm +/- 1,5 cm
  • Opening stretched: 30 cm +/- 2,5 cm
  • Opening relaxed: 12 cm +/- 1,5 cm
  • Material thickness: 6.0 mils +/- 0.5 mils
  • Tensile strength: MD> 75N / 5cm; CD> 45N / 5 cm
  • Ultimate Elongation: > 30%

Safety shoe covers protect the worker from dirt and fluids and guarantee greater hygiene in both work and home environments. Disposable overshoes prevent the floor from becoming a receptacle for dirt, bacteria and various elements that can not only contaminate other places but could also meet air and skin and cause damage to human health.

How to use the disposable shoe covers:

  • Wear the disposable protective cover before entering the environment where they are required.
  • Spread the elastic
  • Insert the shoe inside
  • Make sure it is well covered
  • Remove and then dispose of the shoe covers.

The use of disposable non woven shoe covers limits the risk of cross-contamination of the environment. In fact, shoe covers are disposable protective clothing used in all those industry where, either for the activity carried out or for the type of environment, contaminants may be present, which in direct contact with the sole can be transported from one place to another.

Some examples of applications:

In the food industry there may be food contaminated by pathogens which, through hands, equipment and utensils, may contaminate not only other foods but also the environment in which they are.

In the hospital-healthcare sector, staff encounter body fluids, blood and pathogens. Wearing disposable shoe covers prevents contamination of the shoe worn by the staff and that pathogens are, for example, transferred to home or, in certain departments such as intensive care, as shoes are a vehicle for bacteria, dirt, chemicals and even fertilizers, it is necessary to wear them so as not to contaminate the room.

In the field of environmental disinfection, the specialized operator who carries out the disinfection operation is potentially at risk of contact with pathogens found in the environment to be treated. The disposable covers avoids the risk of these pathogens passing from this environment to the one that must be disinfected later (on the same day). 

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