Disinfettante Fumispore OPP – Elimina fino al 99,99% batteri, muffe, lieviti e funghi – per volumi di 500 – 1000 m3

    Smoke generator disinfectant Fumispore OPP 500 – 1000 m³ - 2 pieces package

    Air disinfectant for disinfection by fumigation

    Fumispore OPP is an aerial disinfectant that eliminates up to 99,99% of bacteria, molds, yeasts, and fungi – for premises of volumes of 500 - 1000 m3 . 

    Dry smoke disinfectant for environmental disinfection by fumigation treatments of surfaces. 

    • Eliminates bacteria, fungi, yeasts and molds up to 99.99%.
    • Dry treatment that can be carried out autonomously, not by specialized operators
    • Easy to use
    • No need for specific machinery or equipment
    • Environments disinfected and decontaminated after about 12 hours
    • Activity based on orthophenylphenol
    • Used for shock treatments or for maintaining environmental healthiness
    • Complies with the European Biocides Directive
    • Registered as Medical Surgical Presidium
    • Tested with ANFOR method
    • Solution suitable for the food industry


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    • Active substance: Orthophenylphenol 20%.
    • Smoke excipients: 80%
    • White smoke powder
    • Product tested according to ANFOR NF T 72-281 standards


    • Fumispore OPP LD 50 (Lethal Dose) is higher than 2900 mg/Kg
    • Classified Xi: irritant. R36/37/38: irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin

    Attention: this is a biocidal product. In order to use it safely read the label and product information carefully.

    The Fumispore OPP disinfectant is easy to use: the cans are pre-dosed and ready to use, it is only necessary to follow the operating instructions to obtain disinfected environments by fumigation.

    • Treatment duration: about 12 hours.
    • Treatment can only be carried out in the absence of people, animals, plants or food.

    How to disinfect the environment with aerial disinfectant Fumispore OPP:

    • Calculate the volume of the environment to be treated (in order to define which and how many cans must be used).
    • Shut down the ventilation systems
    • Close all exits
    • Deactivate smoke detectors
    • Protect all smoke-sensitive devices
    • Place the can on heat-resistant supports and away from combustible material
    • Ignite the can.

    Two different volumes are indicated on the can: a minimum and a maximum volume.

    • To perform shock treatments (0.8 g of product/m3) consider the minimum volume (500 m3).
    • For maintenance treatments instead (0.4 g of product / m3) consider the maximum volume (1000 m3).

    The biocidal action of Fumispore OPP occurs in 4 phases:

    Phase 1: uniform diffusion of the biocidal active substance in the whole environment to be treated.

    Phase 2: incorporation of the micro-organisms in compact aggregates.

    Step 3: chemical destruction of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and molds.

    Stage 4: sedimentation of the aggregates (1 metre/hour) which determines the cleanliness of the air.

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